Before I tried my hand at writing I imagined what it would be like. Those mornings at the mahogany desk in the sunroom overlooking the sunrise, and that pond in the backyard. I would take a moment to reflect on the page I have been working on, and take a sip of that steaming cup of coffee. Ideas would flourish and then I would continue with my work.

Yeah, if that were only the case. Right now, I am sitting in an office which is basically the IT room for the network that keeps my home hooked up to the world around it. And thank God, cause there is not a single window in this office. It is in the basement and I couldn’t tell you what is going on outside. Hell, the rest of the world could be on fire for all I know. I have to go to my Google home page to make sure Armageddon hasn’t taken place outside. Of course, after seeing the news, I’m not sure that it hasn’t. The desk I am sitting at? It is covered with wires, cables, hard disk drives, motherboard manuals from past computer builds, and a pair of glasses that barely do the job anymore. Oh yeah, there is that magnifying glass I use when the glasses just aren’t enough.

Okay, this concludes my break from the work I need to be doing; work on the second book in my Remnants of the Past series, Shield of Health. The end is in sight. It feels good. Maybe after I release my second or third book I can set myself up with that dream office. I picture an office like the one Michael Douglas uses at the end of that movie, Wonder Boys. And perhaps we won’t call it an office. Office sounds too much like being at work. I enjoy writing way too much to call it that.

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