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When I was young and had the world ahead of me and the time…the time…and the Time to listen to the music… I would listen to it and live it…I would feel it when I had the Time. But now when a much older version of myself seems to be caught up in the drudgery of an everyday existence…  I look at my children and am reminded of what it was like to have all the time I needed and then they give some of it back to me.  My children have all given me so much. Recently Nick has posted a link to this for me on Facebook.

Pet: A Perfect Circle

My youngest son Nick and I have a lot in common, including our taste in music.


Nick posted a link to this one on my Facebook page. I’m glad to see Bush back together. I’m sure Nick is as well. Bush is one of his Favorites.  After seeing the date on the Video and the location, I think Nick was at this show!




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