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Cleaning Up After Myself

A little over a year ago I got my book back from Trish, my editor only to see what a half-ass job I had done writing it. My problem was that I was in a hurry to put something out there. Actually, there were a lot of problems. Things weren’t going so well at work and after years of dealing with that mess, I was just burned out. I could barely see what I had written. It wasn’t until a month or so later when she had given the story back to me that I could see what a screwed up mess it was. I didn’t give Trish a whole hell of a lot to work with.

I spent the next year cleaning up the story. There were times when I thought I was wasting my time. Did the first book in the series need a prequel? Often I asked myself who would read this shit and then other times when I actually thought the story was pretty damn good. But hell, I went through all that when I wrote The Mission. So, with some encouragement from Trish, I hung in there and turned Shield of Health into something she could work with.

The payoff is Shield of Health. It turned out to be a damn good story and addition to my Remnants of the Past series. Apparently, The Mission did need a prequel. And who knows, maybe I’ll visit my own blog a little more than I have in the past. Most of all, I just want Tricia Kristufek to know how thankful I am for her services. You’ve earned a place in the story, Killzone.

Something Clicked

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the third book in my Remnants of the Past series. There has been something I have needed to figure out. I have final scenes in my head and a lot of ideas as to how I’m going to get there, but there was one piece of the puzzle that I couldn’t put together. Then it came to me during a conversation with a friend of mine today. Since then I have developed a scene that I cannot wait to put in the book. Our young hero will one day return to Valdorion. There, he will discover Remnants of the Past.


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Vince’s com band created a tingling sensation in his arm, letting him know a call was coming through. He quickly became aggravated with the sensation and wished he could figure out how to make the damn thing just chime or beep. Anything other than the tingling would have been fine. He set his fork down on his tray and raised his wrist up to his mouth. “Yeah, what is it?” he asked, trying to hide the frustration in his voice

Banshee’s voice sounded like it was being transmitted over a cheap toy. She picked up on his frustration. “The tingling thing again, huh?”

Along with her voice, Vince thought he could hear some laughter in the background. “No, Boss. It’s nothing.”

“Grim, I’m going to need you at the weapon’s console.”

“Is there a problem?”

“It’s probably nothing but I think I would like you up here all the same.”

“I’m on my way.” As Vince went to put his tray in the sanitizer his arm tingled once more. “Damn it!” he shouted, trying to rub the sensation from his forearm. He quickly brought his wrist up to his mouth. “What!” This time, the frustration in his voice was unmistakable.

It was Banshee again. “Sorry, Grim. I meant to call someone else.” Not only did she do a poor job of hiding her own laughter but the laughter in the background had been driven to a level of hysteria.

It was then that Vince realized that he was at the butt end of a joke. He took a deep breath to regain his composure. “I’m on my way, Boss.” After closing the channel on the com band, the Grim Reaper made his way toward the bridge.


That was just a little something from Shield of Health, my upcoming novel from the Remnants of the Past series.

Polishing it Up.

Just taking a break from polishing up the story I finished not too long ago. Spent the day in front of my netbook making sure everything jives and that nothing contradicts itself. So what do I do on my break? I sit down at the computer in my dungeon and write this post. Either I am always on break or I’m always working. I can’t tell the difference. Well anyways, Shield of Health is shaping up to be a good story and I’m looking forward to seeing it released. When I pass Shield of Health off to my editor, I will begin work on the book cover. I have some great Ideas for that. Well, at least I think they are great. You can be the judge of that after the release of the book.

As I get closer to releasing Shield of Health, I am going to need to come up with ways o promote it. I’ve never been a savvy promoter so I’ve been giving some consideration to someone who could represent my work. Perhaps in the future this could be a reality. Right now, I think I am really going to take myself out on the deck and take a real break. Catch you all later.

I know, it’s been a while. I look at the date and see that is has been a little over a month since my last post. Don’t fret, I’m still here. I’ve been busy, polishing up the Manuscript I call Shield of Health, because even Tricia, my editor has to know what the hell I’m talking about before she makes those final corrections.

Since my last post, things have been weird. Our outdoor cat was hit by a truck and we thought the worst. She ran off and after three days of heat close to a hundred degrees, she came limping down our driveway. We took her to the vet and brought her inside for a few weeks before letting her back out. Letting her out after what happened to her was difficult, but she loves it outside, and we couldn’t let her feel like she was trapped inside. She comes back everyday and last evening, she even came in for the night. My wife was so happy to have her sleeping at her feet on the recliner.

This past week ended with our refrigerator going out on us. Last night after we and the cats settled in for movies and a couple of Vodka and Tonics, my son announced that everything in the fridge was warm. Wonderful! Taking care of such things is part of what I do at my day job, so I was able to fix it this morning but not until after we lost some of our food. I think the worst part of it was that I had planned on doing some of that work on Shield of Health this morning. That’s alright, there is tomorrow morning.

Something good did happen yesterday. I logged into Facebook for the first time in a few days and seen that earlier in the week my friend and Author Amanda S Stabley commented that her hubby had read my first novel, The Mission and loved it. I’m not going to lie, The Mission could be selling better than it is but that is my fault. I’m not much of a marketer. I wish I was. But anyways, the few reviews I have received for the book are good and there have even been those like Amanda and her husband who come forward and say good things about The Mission. So, I just want to say thank you, Amanda. People like yourself are why I continue to write

Ripples in Time

Before my brother passed away, he and I fished together often. Each fishing trip with him was an adventure. Since his passing I haven’t been on many trips but I think back with fondness on the memories of him casting into fish laden waters from the front of my boat.

In my boat I float through the morning fog. I hear fish feeding on the hatch. The air is cool and the fog is thick. The morning sun illuminates the fog, giving it the illusion that it glows. The hull of my boat creates ripples in time that vanish in the fog. Dead limbs protruding from the surface of the still waters I float on, point toward hidden dangers in the fog, while their reflection in the mirror like surface of the lake point toward hidden perils below. A breeze parts the fog I drift through and beckons me to the backwaters on the other side.

The Mission Trailer


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