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The Mission is the first book in the Remnants of the Past series. In this excerpt from The Mission, I introduce Vince Jacobs AKA Grim Reaper. Vince is one of the lead characters in the second book of the Remnants series. At this point I am calling the book,  Shield of Health and hope to release it in March. It is a prequel to The Mission. I hope you enjoy!


Drenched in sweat, Darkblood woke to the sound of the battle cruiser’s proximity alarm. Legionnaire stood next to the chamber and appeared to have just opened the lid. “Our sensors must have picked something up when we came out of ATS.” 

Trying to shake the effects of stasis and the horrific nightmare he was suddenly awakened from, Darkblood sat up in his chamber. “What?” he said, trying to comprehend what Legionnaire was saying.

Legionnaire held his hand out to the young prince and with a tone of severity, he said, “We’ll never do stasis again.”

Darkblood took his hand. “You must have had the same dream that I had,” he said, pulling himself out of the chamber.

Legionnaire appeared disturbed and angry at the same time. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Darkblood put his feet down on the deck with a sense of urgency. “Have you been to the bridge yet?” he asked loudly, trying to be heard over the sound of the alarm.

Legionnaire let go of his hand. With a raised voice, he said, “No. I just came out of stasis and the alarm was screaming away.”

“This particular alarm goes off when there is a message being transmitted from an emergency beacon,” David informed him as they both left the hibernation room.

When they arrived on the bridge there was an image playing on the view screen. Darkblood hurried to one of the control consoles. The metal grate that made up the floor clanked under his feet with each stride. Legionnaire remained by the hatchway to the bridge. Looking up at the viewer he immediately recognized Grim Reaper.

Vince Jacobs had not only been a member of the Undead but was also the head of an organization called the Shield of Health. The organization dealt with health related issues throughout the Solar Empire.

Legionnaire was still trying to shake the effects of the stasis chamber and became aggravated when he couldn’t understand what Vince was saying. “Can we do something about the noise?” he shouted.

Darkblood used the keyboard at one of the auxiliary consoles and began typing the command to silence the alarms. “I’m on it!” he yelled. At that very moment the alarms went silent, leaving only the audio from Vince’s message.

After Jonas had released the virus into Avexia’s atmosphere, Vince Jacobs did everything possible to prevent it from spreading. It was a battle he would quickly lose. As the head of the largest health organization on the planet, Vince did manage to convince the senate to put Avexia under quarantine. The Avexia Space Agency immediately sent beacons into orbit and began broadcasting Grim Reaper’s warning of death into the cold darkness of space.


Ever see something and just want to reach out and take it. It’s okay, because Author Shane Porteous has put his Novel How Gods Bleed out there for the taking. Yeah, grab it and run like hell! Then, When you can’t run any further, take that pain in your side and go someplace where you can read How Gods Bleed. I bet they don’t bleed like you and I.

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For those into book reviews I have recently come across a new and promising blog by Camila. She lives in London, England. But you don’t have to travel that far to visit her. You can read her reviews here at readingwithcamila. Perhaps she’ll turn you onto something you’ll enjoy reading yourself.

Just thought I would put a little something out there from the second volume in the Remnants of the Past series. It is a little rough, I have yet to finish the story and do any editing. I do intend to post an entire chapter from the story in the not too distant future.

Swimming in the Well of Despair

The weeks had passed in darkness for David. After losing his parents, he spent most of his time alone in the mansion, upstairs in the room that Mack gave him. The sun was shining and a light summer breeze gently swayed the trees outside, but David saw none of that. Instead, he had kept the heavy dark curtains closed tight over the windows in his room.

While he sat on the edge of his bed alone, brooding in the darkness, there was a light rap on his door. Without answering, it slowly opened. Like Banshee had many times before, Mack stuck his head inside but rather than ask permission to enter like she had, he let the door swing open and went in.

“So, this is how it’s going to be?”

David watched as the mercenary moved across the room and to the window. “What do you mean?”

Mack parted the curtains and let in a little sunlight so he could see the boy while talking to him. “I mean, are you going to sit in this dark and gloomy room for the rest of your life?” He then looked through the opening in the curtains. “It is a big world out there and the way I understand it, it’ll be yours someday, when you become of age.” Mack turned from the window and looked at the young prince. “Hell, the whole damn Solar Empire will be yours and this is where you want to hang out?”

David said nothing. He just merely looked at the bare, hardwood floor.

Mack just shook his head. Not knowing what else to do or say he started for the door. “Look, Kid. You don’t have to stay up here. You are free to wander the compound and check things out. I hear there is even a stream somewhere out back.” When he reached the door, Mack stopped and took one last look at the boy. And then, just as he was about to leave and pull the door shut he changed his mind and decided to leave it open instead.

David listened until he heard Mack’s footsteps move further down the hall. He then got up from the edge of the bed and went to the open door. He placed his hand on it and was about to push it shut when he glanced back at the slight opening in the curtain. It was bright outside and he hadn’t seen daylight in weeks. He turned back to the open door and pulled it open even more, and then, he cautiously stepped through it.

As an Author, Goodreads has given me the opportunity to post a segment of my book Remnants of the Past on their site. I appreciate the chance to get my story out there to more readers.

Check out Remnants @ Goodreads









Check out Goodreads. If you are not already a member, Join.  And remember, Remnants of the Past is available at B&N and Amazon for the Nook and Kindle.

I’m just curious, what is everyone reading these days? When I am not busy promoting my book or putting in my 40 hours at work I try to find time to crack open ‘Against All Things Ending’ by Stephen R Donaldson. I’ve also been reading ‘Burn Baby Burn’ by Jake Barton. I have seen a book by Amanda Hocking called Hollowland. I get into post apocalyptic stuff and Hollowland sounds promising. Both Jake Barton and Amanda Hocking have been inspirational in my attempt to get my story out there.


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