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I have recently been honored with a Five Star review for The Mission from Tricia Kristufek. Is your Uncle Bill in the mood to party? You bet ya! I have found my way back to the Kristufek house once again. So tip toe on over and slip on in for a little fun and flash fiction with your Dear Old Uncle Bill.

Meet me at the Kristufek House.


March 2nd through the 16th Megan McDade will be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of her blog, Reading Away the Days. I will be there to celebrate with Megan and all of her friends.  In honor of this 1 year anniversary, my eBook The Mission and I will be featured on March 3rd. I will also be giving away copies of The Mission. Hope to see everyone there.


Celebrate with Megan McDade March 2nd through the 16th

Psst, I know where there is a window unlocked at the Kristufek place. Meet me there sometime after midnight when I slip inside and shake the place up a bit. If you are lucky, I’ll tell you a bed time story while we are there.



Be there while I occupy the Kristufek House!

Read a page from The Mission that is available only in the Book and @ ShahSight!

Read a page @ ShahSight

Visit ShahSight for Features and Interviews with other Authors as well

I had just posted a blurb about my book, The Mission at The Interpreter: A Literary Group and was about to close my browser when a message came through from Shah Wali Fazli. He was kind enough to offer me a chance to do an interview with him and to be featured on his blog. I jumped at the opportunity. So please, visit ShahSight and have a look around at the many Authors Shah has interviewed and featured on his blog.

Shah Wali Fazli is the Author of The Interpreter and you can find my interview with him @ The Interpreter: Author Interview With William

Visit ShahSight and Read the interview about The Mission


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