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Before I tried my hand at writing I imagined what it would be like. Those mornings at the mahogany desk in the sunroom overlooking the sunrise, and that pond in the backyard. I would take a moment to reflect on the page I have been working on, and take a sip of that steaming cup of coffee. Ideas would flourish and then I would continue with my work.

Yeah, if that were only the case. Right now, I am sitting in an office which is basically the IT room for the network that keeps my home hooked up to the world around it. And thank God, cause there is not a single window in this office. It is in the basement and I couldn’t tell you what is going on outside. Hell, the rest of the world could be on fire for all I know. I have to go to my Google home page to make sure Armageddon hasn’t taken place outside. Of course, after seeing the news, I’m not sure that it hasn’t. The desk I am sitting at? It is covered with wires, cables, hard disk drives, motherboard manuals from past computer builds, and a pair of glasses that barely do the job anymore. Oh yeah, there is that magnifying glass I use when the glasses just aren’t enough.

Okay, this concludes my break from the work I need to be doing; work on the second book in my Remnants of the Past series, Shield of Health. The end is in sight. It feels good. Maybe after I release my second or third book I can set myself up with that dream office. I picture an office like the one Michael Douglas uses at the end of that movie, Wonder Boys. And perhaps we won’t call it an office. Office sounds too much like being at work. I enjoy writing way too much to call it that.

I’ve just finished school and in this economy I’m having a difficult time finding a job and affording health care insurance. Hooray! I can still live at home with Mummy and Daddy and thanks to Obama’s health care plan, I can still be covered under their plan. Good deal.

The years have gone by and I still can’t find a job with good health care benefits. Hmm, that degree in scuba diving hasn’t paid off yet. and to make things worse, The guy I idolized for making it possible to stay on Mom’s health care plan for an extended amount of time, wants to penalize me for not being able to afford it after that extended amount of time ran out. I knew there was a catch. He even went as far as to call the fine a tax so it would be constitutionally viable to stick it to me. I feel like I’m being punished for being a second class citizen.

Fortunately, I am not in the situation above. I am a father who still has his youngest son at home. His mother and I fear for him because it seems that our government has begun to take the position that they will beat us into submission with fines disguised as taxes. 1984 was Orwell’s vision of how the future would be for the Soviet Union. Of course we have all seen how that turned out. Are we now on the same path? Would it not be prudent for our government to figure out how to help the people of this country, rather than to punish those who do not earn the kind of money  that President Obama makes? Has he forgotten who is paying for his benefits?

Mr. Obama, I voted for you and believe that there are good points to your health care reforms. But do not force me or anyone to buy something we cannot afford. You are tackling the wrong aspect of this problem. Let’s get people back to work. Let’s do something about fuel prices, Damn it! That alone might help create a better atmosphere for an economy to grow. And most importantly, Do something about the cost of health care and insurance!!! This is where you should be focusing, not on the poor souls who cannot afford it! You should be ashamed!

The video doesn’t do it justice. I highly recommend seeing the wall. This video was shot in 2010. The 1012 show is far better than what you see in this video.  You have to be there!



Back in 1987 I had the privilege of going to my first and only Pink Floyd concert. Floyd had come out with Momentary Lapse of Reason earlier that year and I had managed to acquire tickets that included a bus ride to see them at County Stadium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen. My only regret was that I did not get to see Roger Waters perform with the group. It is said that he officially left the group in 19 85.

June 8th, 2012, Chicago, Illinois. Roger Waters performs the wall! This is not meant to be a review of the show, for how could I say it was anything but great. It turned out to be the best show I’ll ever see. My sons, Nick and William took me to see this show. They are fans of Floyd and Roger Waters as much as I have ever been. This means a lot to me; that my children and I share in such things. With them last night, I felt that, not only was I a part of their lives, but they were a part of mine as well.

Roger Waters message with the Wall has always been a strong one. It is supposedly based on the loss of his own father during the second World War. I can’t say that I know this to be fact and I could probably find the truth somewhere online, but that could possibly only break something I have come to believe over the years. Because of this belief, I have learned from Roger that war not only takes the lives of those who fight in them, but also the lives of those left behind.

Roger has always struggled to get people to see the human condition. He is an activist and during his performance of the Wall, he utilizes the main prop to get the human condition out there in front of you. Plastered upon the wall he spends the first half of the show building, are images and faces of those who have suffered. Not just through atrocities of the distant past but also through wars taking part in our world today. One message that remains vivid in my mind is that Every dollar spent on weapons, designed to kill another human being, is a dollar not being spent feeding, clothing, and taking care of a child’s basic needs somewhere in this world.

A little girl breaking into tears when her father returned home from some foreign deployment was perhaps one of the most striking images that flashed across Roger’s Wall. Bring the Boys Back Home.

This isn’t all to say that Roger Waters, The Wall, was all about getting us to see the world for what it is, it was also about seeing one of the greatest artists of our time. The Wall was the second of two historical albums for Roger Waters and Pink Floyd. When Pink Floyd went on tour after the release of The Wall in 1979, I didn’t stand a chance of being able to see them perform it. So, 23 years later, I want to thank Mr. Waters for giving me the opportunity to see him perform The Wall with my sons. It was truly a great event in my life.



So, You like being independent, huh? That’s fine. I have a lot of respect for you. You are a real go getter. Words like Maverick and Ambitious are used to describe people like yourself. You have that get the hell out of my way attitude, you blaze trails, go down your own path, and you are a writer?

Now, you are what we call an Indie. An elite group of many. I am in this group. It is made up of men and women, young and old. We have stories to tell and things to share. Some of us find it easier to connect through our writing and others crave the attention a well written manuscript can bring. Some want fame and others want fortune. The truth is, most of us want it all. Oh come on, admit, you want to write something so fantastic that people will bow down at your feet and beg you for your blessings. Okay, maybe that is a bit much.  Or maybe not. Perhaps some of you have reached stardom and stand among those who are great. I bet some of you even have cleaning services come in and clean your homes for you.

And I’ll tell you what I think about all of you great ones, You independent Mavericks selling books left and right, making money hand over fist and driving cars with names like Bugatti and Ferrari. Oh my God, you all must think the world revolves around you. The sun rises and sets at your beck and call. I bet you stay out all night and sleep til noon. You should all be ashamed, Damn it! You all know damn well that I want to Drive a Bugatti and be filthy rich too. Shame on you for leaving me behind. Now go get me a movie deal for my book, please? No, really I’m not kidding. The Mission would be a great Movie! I would really love to own a Bugatti. I have no objections to someone giving me one. And a Movie Deal too. Your Dear Old Uncle Bill doesn’t ask for too much. Just what he needs. And who doesn’t need a Bugatti, huh? I love Being Independent.

The Mission

It’s a Movie waiting to happen.

Ripples in Time

Before my brother passed away, he and I fished together often. Each fishing trip with him was an adventure. Since his passing I haven’t been on many trips but I think back with fondness on the memories of him casting into fish laden waters from the front of my boat.

In my boat I float through the morning fog. I hear fish feeding on the hatch. The air is cool and the fog is thick. The morning sun illuminates the fog, giving it the illusion that it glows. The hull of my boat creates ripples in time that vanish in the fog. Dead limbs protruding from the surface of the still waters I float on, point toward hidden dangers in the fog, while their reflection in the mirror like surface of the lake point toward hidden perils below. A breeze parts the fog I drift through and beckons me to the backwaters on the other side.

Ever picture yourself on the big screen? I have. Not so much acting or anything like that but I have pictured my story on the big screen. Yeah I know, kinda silly but hey, why not? When any of us, Authors and Writers that is, writes anything, it has usually been played out in our heads over and over.  Whether it is action or dialog between character they are scenes that are dramatic and worthy of anyone’s attention. How well we express these scenes is another thing altogether. Sometimes I’ll have an actor or actress playing out the scenes I write. Other times the characters are unique to themselves and they are played out by characters that only your own imagination can come up with. It makes me think that the whole casting process for a movie can be quite interesting.

Well, I just wanted to put some of my thoughts on this out there in front of you. At times I have felt silly for thinking such things but when it comes down to it, we all start out thinking that the piece of fiction or fantasy going through your head is a little ridiculous. But then it becomes a full-blown story that you are trying to push on Amazon or Smashwords. So why not a movie? Why shouldn’t Your Story be on the Big Screen?

I have recently been honored with a Five Star review for The Mission from Tricia Kristufek. Is your Uncle Bill in the mood to party? You bet ya! I have found my way back to the Kristufek house once again. So tip toe on over and slip on in for a little fun and flash fiction with your Dear Old Uncle Bill.

Meet me at the Kristufek House.


After I wrote The Mission I did nothing with it. I set it aside and worked on other ideas that were floating around in my head. Occasionally I would show the story to someone, my mother, my children, my wife and even a friend or two. Eventually I sent out query letters hoping to get someone interested but had no takers. When I found out I could publish The Mission on my own through Kindle Direct Publishing and Smashwords I wondered who would want to read it. I have to admit that I felt ridiculous putting it out there in front of the public.

With the first few reviews that I received for The Mission I thought people were just being kind or that I was somehow doing a great job of faking it. Ms. Tricia Kristufek has written the 11th review for The Mission and with that I am beginning to think that I must have done something Right.

Ms. Tricia Kristufek is an Editor and Reviewer. You can catch her Review for The Mission at Musings of a Writing Reader. Under the review you’ll find a link to “View all my Reviews”. Hit it and check out all of the other books Tricia has read and reviewed. She has been very busy.

Thank you very much Tricia Kristufek.

Sometimes it seems like it takes longer for Your Dear Old Uncle Bill to write a story and get it out there than it should. I began the story I am currently writing, Shield of Health, July of 2011. and by my guesstimate I’m hoping to have it done by July of 2012. A year to write a book? Is that bad? Sometimes I feel like it is but then I look at some of the books I have read in the past and realize that perhaps it is not. It takes Donaldson between 2 to 3 years to get a Thomas Covenant book out. I realize his novels are more than twice the size of mine and I dare not compare the quality of my writing to his, (Donaldson is God like) for I can only dream of being the writer he is, but either way, I am thinking for a self published book a year is not too bad.

So, I’ll give Kudos to those who can put out a quality story in what seems to be no time at all and I’ll have to be comfortable with my snail pace. I received a message from Tricia Kristufek that she has read my first published novel, The Mission, and that she’ll be posting a review for it soon. She told me I did a good job and has even mentioned at one time that she liked my characters. This comes from someone I have a lot of respect for in the business. Not because she likes my book, but because other writers have had good things to say about her work as an editor. But anyways, I guess what I am trying to say is that perhaps the pace at which I write works for me and I shouldn’t be concerned about it.  So what if I’m not the fastest.


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