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Cleaning Up After Myself

A little over a year ago I got my book back from Trish, my editor only to see what a half-ass job I had done writing it. My problem was that I was in a hurry to put something out there. Actually, there were a lot of problems. Things weren’t going so well at work and after years of dealing with that mess, I was just burned out. I could barely see what I had written. It wasn’t until a month or so later when she had given the story back to me that I could see what a screwed up mess it was. I didn’t give Trish a whole hell of a lot to work with.

I spent the next year cleaning up the story. There were times when I thought I was wasting my time. Did the first book in the series need a prequel? Often I asked myself who would read this shit and then other times when I actually thought the story was pretty damn good. But hell, I went through all that when I wrote The Mission. So, with some encouragement from Trish, I hung in there and turned Shield of Health into something she could work with.

The payoff is Shield of Health. It turned out to be a damn good story and addition to my Remnants of the Past series. Apparently, The Mission did need a prequel. And who knows, maybe I’ll visit my own blog a little more than I have in the past. Most of all, I just want Tricia Kristufek to know how thankful I am for her services. You’ve earned a place in the story, Killzone.

Last week I gave my manuscript for Shield of Health to my editor, Tricia Kristufek. Shield of Health is the second book in my Remnants of the Past series. The first book, The Mission is really a book that stands on its own and in a way, Shield of Health stands on its own as well. Even so, the story will continue and come to an end in the third book. I still have to decide on a title for it. The Mission and Shield of Health feel totally different from each other and it’ll be interesting to see how the first two books in the Remnants series will influence the third. All characters in the first and second books carry a lot baggage with them, Remnants of the Past, so to speak. I have even considered that David, or Darkblood, due to everything he has been through, will deal with issues through his life. There will be a new characters and one who will be there for him and watch out for him. What she will learn before the end of the third book was that he was always there for her and that he will give up so much of himself to make sure things fall into place for her.

What I am hoping is that my writing skills have at least improved a little and that Tricia will not have to spend an ungodly amount of time fixing Shield of Health. While she works on my manuscript I am going to be working on a book cover, Hopefully, I will be able to get this book out by Thanksgiving. Who knows? maybe sooner. Regardless before the end of the year and with the help of Tricia Kristufek and the support of my family, I will have a finished product that I hope will stand up to my first book.

There is always that time in between writing books where ideas float around in your head for the next. I have a lot of ideas. I like to let themĀ  coalesce a bit. I have to say though, it is kind of weird, this period where I am not actually writing a story. I find myself asking, What to Do?

Look for Shield of Health to come out in the fall of 2012 and all of the Remnants of the Past series at Amazon, Smashwords, Creatspace and B&N

Psst, I know where there is a window unlocked at the Kristufek place. Meet me there sometime after midnight when I slip inside and shake the place up a bit. If you are lucky, I’ll tell you a bed time story while we are there.



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