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Something Clicked

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the third book in my Remnants of the Past series. There has been something I have needed to figure out. I have final scenes in my head and a lot of ideas as to how I’m going to get there, but there was one piece of the puzzle that I couldn’t put together. Then it came to me during a conversation with a friend of mine today. Since then I have developed a scene that I cannot wait to put in the book. Our young hero will one day return to Valdorion. There, he will discover Remnants of the Past.


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The writing I do now is the result of a wild imagination that I have had since I was a child. It was always about action or adventure. It was about that imaginary guy driving the Hotwheels car over bridges that were collapsing and making it across just in time to go off to save the day. Or maybe I was flying that model of the Starship Enterprise around the confines of my bedroom and then beaming down to some planet to once again, save the day.

As I got older I would close the book at the end of a chapter and think about how I would proceed. Sometimes the author of the book and I were dead on but most times I found that I was just borrowing the writers characters and taking them on my own adventure, but they were always action adventures. There were television shows that I did this with as well. Batman the Animated Series. There was an episode where a little girls father would visit her nightly. He was gong mad and becoming a danger to her. By the time the episode was over, the Darknight would visit her at her window at night to make sure she was okay. Would you know that as this little girl grew up and fell in love with the Darknight and would eventually give her life to save him? Of course not. But I knew because this was my idea. Perhaps someday I’ll write the story. But it will probably be an action adventure story.

With the encouragement of others in my life, I began to write. Most of the ideas I have had for any story have been action. There is a lot of feeling in action and usually, action worthy of most stories is the result of something really profound taking place. Love has always had its place in action. Love has set the stage for battles. Men will conquer for love, do good and evil as well for love. But even so, I have never let the aspect of love in any of my stories turn that story into a love story. It was never intentional, it is just that my goal has always been to write action adventures in a scifi setting.

Then comes the story I’m working on now. I originally thought it was an action adventure story set in the future. Some of the action scenes are glorious! But there was something about the story that I couldn’t quite figure out, so I just put it aside.  About a year later I had read a novel by Ashley Fontainne and I realized that it was her style of writing that the story needed. She had done a book giveaway for me and worked pretty damn hard to help me promote my book that weekend. I also had the opportunity to see just how much of herself she put into promoting her own work. Afterwards I wanted to thank her for what she had done for me and had no real idea as to how I would do that. The only thing I could think of was to ask her if she would want anything to do with the story idea that I had. I was really surprised when she accepted my offer.

It was after we began to work on the story that Ashley opened my eyes up to what it was we were working on. During her Friday Night Radio Show, while interviewing me, she asked if I would ever consider writing a love story. Even though I didn’t know the answer to that question, she did. Like some clumsy fool tripping over his words I told her that a love story might be possible down the road. Anything is possible! What I didn’t realize for quite a few days after, was that she was talking about our story, Corporate Affair. She knew long before I did that we are already writing one. Even when I came to realize what she was talking about I asked myself, really? Is that what we are writing?

Not that I have anything against writing a Love Story; I’m actually quite excited about writing it! There is a lot of emotion and passion at work here, well of course. I’m just saying that the action in this futuristic thriller or love story, is going to be that much better. With love, there is always much more at stake. One thing I have learned from Ashley, is to know the story you are working on! She is quite an impressive writer. So as of now, I am a co-writer of Romance. But don’t worry, the Queen of Revenge promises to keep this story quite interesting! And you know something? Perhaps that Darknight story that I have wanted to write is really a love story after all. Who knows?

Just thought I would put a little something out there from the second volume in the Remnants of the Past series. It is a little rough, I have yet to finish the story and do any editing. I do intend to post an entire chapter from the story in the not too distant future.

Swimming in the Well of Despair

The weeks had passed in darkness for David. After losing his parents, he spent most of his time alone in the mansion, upstairs in the room that Mack gave him. The sun was shining and a light summer breeze gently swayed the trees outside, but David saw none of that. Instead, he had kept the heavy dark curtains closed tight over the windows in his room.

While he sat on the edge of his bed alone, brooding in the darkness, there was a light rap on his door. Without answering, it slowly opened. Like Banshee had many times before, Mack stuck his head inside but rather than ask permission to enter like she had, he let the door swing open and went in.

“So, this is how it’s going to be?”

David watched as the mercenary moved across the room and to the window. “What do you mean?”

Mack parted the curtains and let in a little sunlight so he could see the boy while talking to him. “I mean, are you going to sit in this dark and gloomy room for the rest of your life?” He then looked through the opening in the curtains. “It is a big world out there and the way I understand it, it’ll be yours someday, when you become of age.” Mack turned from the window and looked at the young prince. “Hell, the whole damn Solar Empire will be yours and this is where you want to hang out?”

David said nothing. He just merely looked at the bare, hardwood floor.

Mack just shook his head. Not knowing what else to do or say he started for the door. “Look, Kid. You don’t have to stay up here. You are free to wander the compound and check things out. I hear there is even a stream somewhere out back.” When he reached the door, Mack stopped and took one last look at the boy. And then, just as he was about to leave and pull the door shut he changed his mind and decided to leave it open instead.

David listened until he heard Mack’s footsteps move further down the hall. He then got up from the edge of the bed and went to the open door. He placed his hand on it and was about to push it shut when he glanced back at the slight opening in the curtain. It was bright outside and he hadn’t seen daylight in weeks. He turned back to the open door and pulled it open even more, and then, he cautiously stepped through it.

It has been too long since I have entered anything into this blog. After crushing my finger I spent whatever energy I had for typing working on or editing my story. And of course, the story I have been working on is one of the reasons I am posting this today. There have been some changes. When I wrote Remnants of the Past, I had no real intention of adding to the story. I wasn’t even sure that I would write anything else at all. I had written a story from beginning to end and my only real goal was to see if I could even do it. But there were things I didn’t count on. While writing the story I found myself becoming attached to the characters I developed. I even had a difficult time letting go of characters I killed off. I made sure they lived on in the hearts of the characters that made it to the end of my story. Like Darkblood, I made an effort to show that characters he was close to in the story, helped him develop as a person. But then, just like the characters in my stories, we are all a sum of the people we have known and cared about.

I have a lot of things I want to enter into my blog but for now I’m going to get down to business. I have found it difficult to let go of Remnants of the Past, and because work on the second book in the series is well under way, I thought it would be practical to give the first volume in the series its own working title. I have reissued the first book and made it the first in the series, Remnants of the Past. Its title is now, The Mission.

Not only can you find The Mission at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, You can now find it at Lulu as well in the PDF format, readable on most e-book readers. My next goal is to get The Mission up for sale at Smashwords and as many other places as possible.

And now that my lil finger is feeling a little better, and as long as I’m careful with it, I’ll try to keep this old blog up to date.


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