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What does it take to get a Novel out there to the reading public? Quite a bit, actually. I have recently turned my manuscript for my latest novel, Shield of Health, over to my editor, Tricia Kristufek. I guess I never really gave much thought to what she does. I mean she checks grammar, spelling, sentence structure and all of that, right? Of course she does, but I had the opportunity to catch her while she was working on the story and what caught me by surprise was that she was going back to the first novel in the series, The Mission and checking for consistency in the story; making sure things jived. I have to say that I was impressed and glad to know that my editor is just as concerned about the details of my story as I am.

I am glad to know that Tricia Kristufek is a part of my team, making sure that my story will be everything that it can be.  If this sounds like a testimonial, it is only because I am a firm believer in pointing out when someone is doing a phenomenal job.

I would highly recommend Tricia’s service as an editor to anyone who is looking to have their manuscript look its best. Tricia Kristufek.com/

Polishing it Up.

Just taking a break from polishing up the story I finished not too long ago. Spent the day in front of my netbook making sure everything jives and that nothing contradicts itself. So what do I do on my break? I sit down at the computer in my dungeon and write this post. Either I am always on break or I’m always working. I can’t tell the difference. Well anyways, Shield of Health is shaping up to be a good story and I’m looking forward to seeing it released. When I pass Shield of Health off to my editor, I will begin work on the book cover. I have some great Ideas for that. Well, at least I think they are great. You can be the judge of that after the release of the book.

As I get closer to releasing Shield of Health, I am going to need to come up with ways o promote it. I’ve never been a savvy promoter so I’ve been giving some consideration to someone who could represent my work. Perhaps in the future this could be a reality. Right now, I think I am really going to take myself out on the deck and take a real break. Catch you all later.

Hey there blog. How have you been. I know I’ve neglected you a bit lately, only showing up to post a link to a quick video that I thought might satisfy you till I found the time to post something meaningful. The only excuse I have is that I’ve been busy. I’ve been working hard at my job and on this story I’ve been writing. I’ve also been pushing the first book I wrote in hopes that one day people will get to read it and maybe even enjoy it. I have to say, that in the process, I have met a lot of good people. The communities of writers, authors and readers out there are fantastic and have been very supportive.

The last couple of years have been rough to say the least. With an accident at work that about killed me and another that crushed one of my fingers, I sometimes find it difficult to go in and work without fear of what is going to happen next. Family, friends, coworkers and those who I have met online here recently, in many ways have helped me to continue.

So, my Blog, it is my hope that the coming year will bring you and I closer. Perhaps when I get my bearings straight we can spend more time together and return some of the help and support that has been given to me here recently. Perhaps together we can continue to show videos of what we are listening to while moving forward with real purpose.



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