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I told myself when I was finished with Shield of Health that I would take a break before writing the final volume in my Remnants of the Past series. One thing I have learned about writing is that you do not necessarily have to be sitting in front of your word processor to be participating in the writing process. There is a lot of thinking about it that takes place anywhere and everywhere. That break I thought I was going to take, never really happened. I posted on Facebook this morning the title to the final piece in the Remnants of the Past series. Alone I break.  I also announced that I would be using LibreOffice Writer in Linux Ubuntu 12.04 to write Alone I break. A bold move? you bet, but hey, I am writing this from my Firefox browser on my Ubuntu desktop right now!

So hey, all I have to do now is write the first sentence and figure out that first word.


Something Clicked

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the third book in my Remnants of the Past series. There has been something I have needed to figure out. I have final scenes in my head and a lot of ideas as to how I’m going to get there, but there was one piece of the puzzle that I couldn’t put together. Then it came to me during a conversation with a friend of mine today. Since then I have developed a scene that I cannot wait to put in the book. Our young hero will one day return to Valdorion. There, he will discover Remnants of the Past.


Get your copy of The Mission!

As a writer, I drag myself out of bed early, sometimes hours before I have to go to work just to get a couple of pages of something written. Well, it is not always a couple of pages. Sometimes it may only be a couple of paragraphs. Sometimes, the only thing I accomplish is to decide that I didn’t like what I wrote the morning before.

In the past I have been asked about my writing process. Writing process? Process would indicate that there is consistency in what I do but since every story I work on is different, that is kind of impossible. Even the scenarios I create in my stories from chapter to chapter create a kind of chaos that would shoot any real process all to Hell. But if it were consistent, it might be kind of lame. Maybe it is a process; a process of inconsistency.

This weekend, Tomorrow to be exact. Sunday, March 4th I am putting my first published work, The Mission out there as a free download. There was a lot of that chaotic process in this book. I wrote The Mission at 4 in the morning, the afternoons, and the evenings. There is a lot of myself in The Mission and I’m not just talking about the work that I put into writing it. I hope that anyone who downloads my first published work enjoys it.


Download The Mission

Download The Mission


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