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I don’t even want to look at the date of my last post. It has been a while, I know. Chances are, it had something to do with the release of Shield of Health, the next book in my Remnants of the past series. I probably said something to how the book was going to come out at the end November or the beginning of December. Or maybe I set deadlines for myself during each of those months. Okay, I actually set quite a few deadlines that I blew through. What can I say? Well, I can say that never again will I set a deadline for anything I write. Shield of Health was not ready for any of the deadlines I set for it. I’m not sure how good the story will be when it is released , you’ll have to be the judge of that. But I do know that when I release it, I’ll feel right about it. As right as I can feel.

I learned a lot while writing Shield of Health. The first would be to concentrate on writing one story at a time. The second would be not to push it. Writing your story is done best on your own terms. The third? Don’t become a slave to it. Don’t put aside the rest of your life, and those things that made you the person who was capable of writing such fantastic things in the first place. The biggest reason for this major gap between posts was that I’ve been spending time with my family and getting back to playing an occasional video game lately. That’s not to say that I haven’t been working on Shield of Health, cause I have. Thanks to a lot of help from Trisha Kristufek, the rewrite is coming along nicely. Can’t say for sure when it’ll be done but it will get there. And because I’ve decided to take my time with it, it’ll be a much better story for it.

You are all Great! Stay true to yourself.

I know, it’s been a while. I look at the date and see that is has been a little over a month since my last post. Don’t fret, I’m still here. I’ve been busy, polishing up the Manuscript I call Shield of Health, because even Tricia, my editor has to know what the hell I’m talking about before she makes those final corrections.

Since my last post, things have been weird. Our outdoor cat was hit by a truck and we thought the worst. She ran off and after three days of heat close to a hundred degrees, she came limping down our driveway. We took her to the vet and brought her inside for a few weeks before letting her back out. Letting her out after what happened to her was difficult, but she loves it outside, and we couldn’t let her feel like she was trapped inside. She comes back everyday and last evening, she even came in for the night. My wife was so happy to have her sleeping at her feet on the recliner.

This past week ended with our refrigerator going out on us. Last night after we and the cats settled in for movies and a couple of Vodka and Tonics, my son announced that everything in the fridge was warm. Wonderful! Taking care of such things is part of what I do at my day job, so I was able to fix it this morning but not until after we lost some of our food. I think the worst part of it was that I had planned on doing some of that work on Shield of Health this morning. That’s alright, there is tomorrow morning.

Something good did happen yesterday. I logged into Facebook for the first time in a few days and seen that earlier in the week my friend and Author Amanda S Stabley commented that her hubby had read my first novel, The Mission and loved it. I’m not going to lie, The Mission could be selling better than it is but that is my fault. I’m not much of a marketer. I wish I was. But anyways, the few reviews I have received for the book are good and there have even been those like Amanda and her husband who come forward and say good things about The Mission. So, I just want to say thank you, Amanda. People like yourself are why I continue to write

Before I tried my hand at writing I imagined what it would be like. Those mornings at the mahogany desk in the sunroom overlooking the sunrise, and that pond in the backyard. I would take a moment to reflect on the page I have been working on, and take a sip of that steaming cup of coffee. Ideas would flourish and then I would continue with my work.

Yeah, if that were only the case. Right now, I am sitting in an office which is basically the IT room for the network that keeps my home hooked up to the world around it. And thank God, cause there is not a single window in this office. It is in the basement and I couldn’t tell you what is going on outside. Hell, the rest of the world could be on fire for all I know. I have to go to my Google home page to make sure Armageddon hasn’t taken place outside. Of course, after seeing the news, I’m not sure that it hasn’t. The desk I am sitting at? It is covered with wires, cables, hard disk drives, motherboard manuals from past computer builds, and a pair of glasses that barely do the job anymore. Oh yeah, there is that magnifying glass I use when the glasses just aren’t enough.

Okay, this concludes my break from the work I need to be doing; work on the second book in my Remnants of the Past series, Shield of Health. The end is in sight. It feels good. Maybe after I release my second or third book I can set myself up with that dream office. I picture an office like the one Michael Douglas uses at the end of that movie, Wonder Boys. And perhaps we won’t call it an office. Office sounds too much like being at work. I enjoy writing way too much to call it that.

So, You like being independent, huh? That’s fine. I have a lot of respect for you. You are a real go getter. Words like Maverick and Ambitious are used to describe people like yourself. You have that get the hell out of my way attitude, you blaze trails, go down your own path, and you are a writer?

Now, you are what we call an Indie. An elite group of many. I am in this group. It is made up of men and women, young and old. We have stories to tell and things to share. Some of us find it easier to connect through our writing and others crave the attention a well written manuscript can bring. Some want fame and others want fortune. The truth is, most of us want it all. Oh come on, admit, you want to write something so fantastic that people will bow down at your feet and beg you for your blessings. Okay, maybe that is a bit much.  Or maybe not. Perhaps some of you have reached stardom and stand among those who are great. I bet some of you even have cleaning services come in and clean your homes for you.

And I’ll tell you what I think about all of you great ones, You independent Mavericks selling books left and right, making money hand over fist and driving cars with names like Bugatti and Ferrari. Oh my God, you all must think the world revolves around you. The sun rises and sets at your beck and call. I bet you stay out all night and sleep til noon. You should all be ashamed, Damn it! You all know damn well that I want to Drive a Bugatti and be filthy rich too. Shame on you for leaving me behind. Now go get me a movie deal for my book, please? No, really I’m not kidding. The Mission would be a great Movie! I would really love to own a Bugatti. I have no objections to someone giving me one. And a Movie Deal too. Your Dear Old Uncle Bill doesn’t ask for too much. Just what he needs. And who doesn’t need a Bugatti, huh? I love Being Independent.

The Mission

It’s a Movie waiting to happen.

Ever picture yourself on the big screen? I have. Not so much acting or anything like that but I have pictured my story on the big screen. Yeah I know, kinda silly but hey, why not? When any of us, Authors and Writers that is, writes anything, it has usually been played out in our heads over and over.  Whether it is action or dialog between character they are scenes that are dramatic and worthy of anyone’s attention. How well we express these scenes is another thing altogether. Sometimes I’ll have an actor or actress playing out the scenes I write. Other times the characters are unique to themselves and they are played out by characters that only your own imagination can come up with. It makes me think that the whole casting process for a movie can be quite interesting.

Well, I just wanted to put some of my thoughts on this out there in front of you. At times I have felt silly for thinking such things but when it comes down to it, we all start out thinking that the piece of fiction or fantasy going through your head is a little ridiculous. But then it becomes a full-blown story that you are trying to push on Amazon or Smashwords. So why not a movie? Why shouldn’t Your Story be on the Big Screen?

The writing I do now is the result of a wild imagination that I have had since I was a child. It was always about action or adventure. It was about that imaginary guy driving the Hotwheels car over bridges that were collapsing and making it across just in time to go off to save the day. Or maybe I was flying that model of the Starship Enterprise around the confines of my bedroom and then beaming down to some planet to once again, save the day.

As I got older I would close the book at the end of a chapter and think about how I would proceed. Sometimes the author of the book and I were dead on but most times I found that I was just borrowing the writers characters and taking them on my own adventure, but they were always action adventures. There were television shows that I did this with as well. Batman the Animated Series. There was an episode where a little girls father would visit her nightly. He was gong mad and becoming a danger to her. By the time the episode was over, the Darknight would visit her at her window at night to make sure she was okay. Would you know that as this little girl grew up and fell in love with the Darknight and would eventually give her life to save him? Of course not. But I knew because this was my idea. Perhaps someday I’ll write the story. But it will probably be an action adventure story.

With the encouragement of others in my life, I began to write. Most of the ideas I have had for any story have been action. There is a lot of feeling in action and usually, action worthy of most stories is the result of something really profound taking place. Love has always had its place in action. Love has set the stage for battles. Men will conquer for love, do good and evil as well for love. But even so, I have never let the aspect of love in any of my stories turn that story into a love story. It was never intentional, it is just that my goal has always been to write action adventures in a scifi setting.

Then comes the story I’m working on now. I originally thought it was an action adventure story set in the future. Some of the action scenes are glorious! But there was something about the story that I couldn’t quite figure out, so I just put it aside.  About a year later I had read a novel by Ashley Fontainne and I realized that it was her style of writing that the story needed. She had done a book giveaway for me and worked pretty damn hard to help me promote my book that weekend. I also had the opportunity to see just how much of herself she put into promoting her own work. Afterwards I wanted to thank her for what she had done for me and had no real idea as to how I would do that. The only thing I could think of was to ask her if she would want anything to do with the story idea that I had. I was really surprised when she accepted my offer.

It was after we began to work on the story that Ashley opened my eyes up to what it was we were working on. During her Friday Night Radio Show, while interviewing me, she asked if I would ever consider writing a love story. Even though I didn’t know the answer to that question, she did. Like some clumsy fool tripping over his words I told her that a love story might be possible down the road. Anything is possible! What I didn’t realize for quite a few days after, was that she was talking about our story, Corporate Affair. She knew long before I did that we are already writing one. Even when I came to realize what she was talking about I asked myself, really? Is that what we are writing?

Not that I have anything against writing a Love Story; I’m actually quite excited about writing it! There is a lot of emotion and passion at work here, well of course. I’m just saying that the action in this futuristic thriller or love story, is going to be that much better. With love, there is always much more at stake. One thing I have learned from Ashley, is to know the story you are working on! She is quite an impressive writer. So as of now, I am a co-writer of Romance. But don’t worry, the Queen of Revenge promises to keep this story quite interesting! And you know something? Perhaps that Darknight story that I have wanted to write is really a love story after all. Who knows?


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